paint bullet

The bullet (paint bullet) with nontoxic paints made based on the coloring matter of size of a small stone (17mm exists and other sizes exist uncommonly in the main current, too) that is called Paintball with the gun using the compression gas of the participant (Carbon dioxide, the chokedamp, and recently, it is compress air) etc. vegetable is turned to the opponent in this game, it launches, and 1 form of sports that compete for victory or defeat. There is the slogan that two team are in a position each other neither game it that is called, variously most popular in a certain fighting form is “Flag seizure” nor being shot by the opponent team in this game and it has aimed to plunder. Moreover, this is as another popular game “Annihilation game”, and has aimed to shoot by Paintball and to defeat all members of the opponent team literally. The game of Paintball went for the first time in the world with a gun to apply the sign to the cow and the tree that was called Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel, and Charles Gaines New Hampshire state and a marker in 1981. Afterwards, the tournament with the first prize was executed in 1983. The equipment that is called the Paintball marker or a paint gun only is different the name and is same. However, the equipment name of marker is willingly used so that the player may dislike bad image included in the word gun. Various protectors are used as equipment of the Paintball games other than the marker by another. The paint bullet used for this uses the gelatin capsule, and there is no thing that the bullet is left for months (It is 2?3 to use the bio-degradable plastic) how many after the game like the air software that uses the BB bullet, and it is being liked to return promptly and naturally by the game lover muscle. wiki

出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』


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